About us

madera con acabado natural


Timeless Natura was born with the aim of designing and manufacturing timeless, sustainable, high quality furniture with exclusive designs.

In addition, together with the Fundación Social Universal we promote socio-economic development at national and international level.

Where we are

All our furniture is handmade in our workshop in Montilla, Cordoba.

A refurbished winery is now the showroom and offices of Timeless Natura.



Our furniture is made from solid wood to which we apply 100% organic oils and natural fabrics for upholstery. Timeless Natura's pieces are focused on timelessness and durability, promoting reuse and waste reduction.

Socio-economic development

10% of our profits are used to finance projects of the Fundación Social Universal . This non-profit organisation aims to improve situations of poverty, abandonment, lack of culture and lack of means to achieve the integral development of the individual and the community at a national and international level.


At Timeless Natura we take care of every detail of our furniture. Handcrafted and handmade production allows us to offer the highest quality and care to the raw material, resulting in exclusive and durable pieces.


Modern and exclusive designs that, like wood, are intended to last and be reused over time.

Relationships with people

At Timeless we believe that the most important thing is relationships. Every part of our process is made up of people and we take care of every detail to create a bond of trust.

Who we are

Timeless is a team of perfectionists, environmentally friendly, hard-working and international people.

Our workshop team is the key for achieving exclusive Timeless Natura pieces. Luis, Manolo, José Miguel, Alberto and Rafa take care of every detail to create high quality solid wood furniture.

«Responsibility, cooperation and continuous improvement».

The team

Our collaborators for sustainability